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Fundamental Report

Global equity markets traded southwards on Thursday: Asian, EU and U.S. markets all fell, by 1.1% (147.5), 0.9% (394.5), and 0.2% (17,678), respectively. Japan's benchmark index led Asian losses, falling 1.4% (19471.1) on Thursday as the Japanese yen strengthened against the US greenback by 0.3% (119.2). Semiconductor shares bore the brunt of losses: Sumco and Tokyo Electron slumped over 5.0% each, while tech shares Fujitsu and Sony shed 3.0% each. Across the continent, European equities closed sharply lower on Thursday, as oil prices surged 4.5% (US$51.4/bbl), on the news that Saudi Arabia had launched a military operation in neighboring Yemen, where rebels have overthrown the government. This further exacerbated negative sentiment in Euro zone, after airline stocks fell under pressure as the crash of the Germanwings A320 plane remains in the spotlight. Meanwhile, the Dow traded volatile, as tensions intensified in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arab allies began a military operation in Yemen. Still, the downward momentum was checked, as U.S. jobless claims in March dropped 9,000 to a seasonally adjusted 282,000, pointing to a healthy and expanding labor market. Moving to our domestic markets, JCI descended by 0.7% (5,369), following negative regional sentiments. Today, we expect that unappealing global sentiments will still restrain risk appetite in JCI; thus, we expect it to continue trading within 5,370-5,420.
Headline News

• Pharmaceutical: demand US$1.2m of raw materials
• TPIA to build synthetic rubber plant
• TINS seeks US$230m loan for power plant
• LPKR: FY14 Financial Result
• LPCK: FY14 Financial Result
• SILO: FY14 Financial Result
• GMTD: FY14 Financial Result
• MDLN: FY14 Financial Result

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Technical Report

Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) : Down

Estimasi indeks (27-Mar-15): 5.350-5.390

  • Surplus neraca perdagangan lebih baik dari ekspektasi di US$738jt vs estimasi pasar US$635jt 
  • BI rate dipertahankan di 7.5%
  •  The Fed rate masih tetap di 0.25%
  • Ulasan teknikal:
  • Tren naik sejak Okt14 masih solid
  •  IHSG breakout resisten level 5.250; target berada di 5.500-5.600 tercapai
  •  Basis support throwback market di 5.250

  • Our Best Trading Ideas For Today
    SMGR Add Potensi pullback market, resisten di 14.300
    SCMA Add Potensi MT trading range di 3.150-3.700
    LSIP Red Breakdown LT sideways di 1.750-2.050



    Breakdown sideways di 3.700-4.300


    Red Breakdown LT Trading range di 920-1.130


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