Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to get USERID, Password, and Kresna Direct Trading PIN?
    a. For existing customer who does not have USERID, Password, and Kresna Direct Trading PIN yet, please activate your Kresna Direct.
    b. For new applicants, you can obtain USERID, Password, and Kresna Direct Trading PIN by:
         1. Open an account with the help of Sales Representative and request for Kresna Direct activation.
         2. Open an account without the help of our Sales Representative and Kresna Direct will be activated automatically.

  2. Can I change my Trading PIN and Password due to loss, forget, or insecurity?
    Yes, customer can submit a request for Trading PIN and Password renewal.

  3. How to get my new Trading PIN and Password?
    Customer can ask for a Trading PIN and Password Changing Form in any Kresna Securities branch office. Once you have the form, please fill and sign the form, then attach a copy of your valid ID before returning it to any Kresna Securities branch office.
  4. How to get account opening form?
    Applicants can obtain opening account form in any Kresna Securities office branch office, or by contacting Kresna Online.
  5. What are the steps in disbursement of funds?
    First, customer must fill the withdrawal form and send it to the Sales Representative. Then the Sales Representative will pass the documents to CSO to be processedby Finance Accounting Division.
  6. What are the fees charged by Kresna to clients?
    Fee Normal (brokerage)                             : 0.25 (buy) dan 0.35 (sell)
    Fee Online Trading (without broker)         : 0.18 (buy) dan 0.28 (sell)
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