Kresna Sekuritas was Indonesia's fast-growing companies in 2012.

Established in 1999, Kresna Sekuritas offers an extensive range of financial services, including equities and fixed income trading, and also investment banking. We have a strong client list for underwriting equities and fixed income trading, and also investment banking. we have a strong client list for underwriting equities and bonds, covering major corporations in indonesia. Furthermore, Kresna Sekuritas is supported by an experienced and professional Research Team in providing timely information and reliable research reports.

Kresna Sekuritas was listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchanges in 2002, under the ticker name KREN. Pefindo Credit Rading Indonesia has recently included KREN as one of the Underlying stocks in its Pefindo 25 Index consisting of Indonesia's fast-growing companies in 2012.

In 2011, Kresna Sekuritas started to develop Kresna Direct, a real-time online trading platform to facilitate service to clients who transact through the Company. Commited in providing total customer satisfaction, Kresna Sekuritas is focusing on information technology development and business development which can increase the quality of services.


Our philosophy of work came from the Javanese legend of Kresna's puppetry. There was a moment of Kresna's life scene which really inspired us. At that moment, Arjuna was really sad because of the death of his son, Abimanyu. Abimanyu was killed by Jayadrata, and Kurawa's armies treated his dead body with no respect as a warrior. Hence Arjuna vowed in the war of Barathayuda that he would kill Jayadrata before sunset, otherwise he will burn himself in front of Kurawa's Armies.

As the war began, Jayadrata was hidden by Kurawa's armies. As the war began, Jayadrata unleashed a spell which multiply him into 1000 clones. The real Jayadrata was hidden by Kurawa's armies while Arjuna was busy fighting against the multitude of Jayadrata's clones. As the sun started to go down, Arjuna had not found and fought the real Jayadrata. In that time crisis, Kresna was thinking hard and came up with a strategy of genius for Arjuna. Using his chakra weapon, he moved the sun behind the moon and suddenly it was dark.

Afterwards, he commanded Arjuna's armies to prepare a bonfire and to yell that Arjuna will burn himself. Jayadrata heard the yell and thought that Arjuna was defeated. He came out from his den happily. A moment after Jayadrata showed his face, Kresna withdrew his cakra and the world was bright again. Immediately, Arjuna shot Jayadrata's neck with his arrow.

This moment of genius of Kresna became our philosophy that every Kresnan* should find their own moment of genius and create an innovative solution to help client to deal with their problems.

* A term used to refer every employee working at Kresna Sekuritas

Vision & Mission

Corporate Vision : To be recognized as Indonesia's leading provider of financial services, fusing global exellence with local knowledge.

Corporate Mission :  
• To drive capital markets, as a locomotive of Indonesia's national development.
• To champion a culture of trust, integrity and exellence in capital market.
• To provide a comprehensive and integrated range of financial services around the clock.
• To integrate the Indonesian market with global markets. 

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